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I have created this Van Halen website as not only a tribute to Van Halen, the greatest Rock 'n Roll band ever, but also as an information center to anyone who is interested in the earlier years of Van Halen. Although it is a fact that Van Halen is still the mighty king of all the rock world, this website is focused mostly on Van Halen's "Roth era." This is not because I have a preference to any certain lead singers Van Halen has or has had, but because I feel Ed's playing on the first six albums leans more toward the energetic hard rock riffing called my attention to Van Halen. When Hagar replaced David Lee Roth in the mid 80's, I believe the band became more pop-oriented and some of the hard rock influence was lost. Van Halen was still coming out with incredible tunes and they are one of the few bands that became even more commercially successful with their second singer, but we must admit that the Van Halen "sound" was heavily affected with this change.




Van Halen

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"The king of ten fingers and six strings, Edward Van Halen!"


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